Session60th Jul 27th
“Your ideal organization?-What does it look like? How do you design it?”

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After two years since “workstyle reform” initiated by the Abe administration in Japan, have you seen any changes in your workplace?

Dow Chemical which hosts our #60 session of “Davos Experience in Tokyo” has made “Diversity and Inclusion” as key strategic goals and attempts to strengthen the organization through this concept. We will hear how Dow Chemical has tried to enhance its effort to design even more Inclusive organization. 

Ideal workstyle may be very specific and thus may need to be personalized. Some find job security the most important, while others like competitive environment to pursue their goal. Some like the culture of free and independent, while others like to follow rules when achieving their task. How would you design the organization to accommodate these diverse needs?  What would the organization look like if you can create/design “ideal organization?” 

For details and registration, go to this site. 

7月27日開催 第60回

働き方改革が世間で言われてから早2年、皆さんの企業ではどんな変化がありましたか?働く時間の制限や、働く場所の多様化に取り組む企業も、Diversity& Inclusionを旗印に女性活躍、外国人採用や、上層部の意識改革に取り組んでいる企業もあります。ゴールは、社員が働きやすい組織風土をつくり、力を発揮しやすい環境を作ることにあります。



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