”Make and sustain Healthier world through technology.”

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 How would you respond to the question” What does ‘heath’ mean to you?” “What specific actions are you taking to stay healthy?” 

 Healthcare is one of the most critical issues Japan and the world is now faced with and has been debated at various conferences.  Recently how we could apply advancing technologies including IoT and Big Data, for example, has attracted much attention.

  “Health-tech” proposed by Philips is the attempt to offer total system of health-from prevention covering not only health related facilities but also on home care.  For individuals, it offers care that meets the needs of individuals from prevention to care delivery.  For the society as a whole, the company has initiated the attempt to “offer integrated forms of healthcare, unlocking the power of data and artificial intelligence at the point of care, while at the same time optimizing care delivery across health continuum.” 

 Philips had been known as the company which successfully renewed their business models to meet the changing needs of the market and the consumers since its foundation in 1891. 

 At this session of Davos Experience in Tokyo series, we hear what “health-tech” by Philips means and what they are offering in terms of products and services.  We will pick the products which are close to our daily life and develop creative marketing plan for them, as well as various means to move forward the integrated open ecosystem, within the big picture of Philips’ vision of “better health care through innovation.” 

 Global website of Philips is here. Registration for the session on May 11 is here.

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