“Let us create magical experience for Kamaishi to promote Rugby World Cup 2019”

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What comes to your mind when you hear the term “vacation rental?” It may sound rather strange as some may feel it rather risky to rent their apartment/house to strangers. Some may not like the idea that strangers come and stay with them. Despite these negative impressions and reactions, the reality is that it is impossible to accommodate visitors to Japan with existing facilities. The situation will get more serious as many world events (such as Rugby World Cup 2019) are scheduled in the next few years in Japan. 

 In order to address this shortage of accommodations, Japan Tourism Agency is to enforce the new regulation for renting private homes to tourists.  Under this new regulation, within the regulatory framework, private residences can be rented to tourists for fee. 

 It is expected that vacation rentals/rental service of private homes will grow rapidly to serve all the age groups, and not just young generation. airbnb which is often perceived to be “pioneer of new form of renting private homes” is promoting the concept of “Magical trip powered by people”, instead of traditional “vacation rental/private home rental.”  

 Their vision is to create the experience unique to the region, through collaboration between hosts and the people in the region.

  Kamaishi city in Iwate prefecture suffered from the Big earthquake in 2011. It is also very well known for rugby and is one of the venues for the Rugby World Cup 2019. Many visitors are expected to visit the city, and yet the accommodation is far from adequate, and thus private rentals are expected to fill the gap.

  On Friday, March 2, we will host the session #56 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series at a cozy airbnb office in Shinjuku.  Join us to think of a variety of creative ideas to make “Magical Experience” for Kamaishi, not only for promoting World Cup, but also to help the city achieve the status of sustainable hospitality city.     

3月2日開催 第56回
「ラグビーワールドカップに向けた、釜石ならではのMagical Experienceを企画しよう!」


 これをきっかけに日本でも民泊が幅広い世代に広まっていくのではないかという期待が高まっています。民泊の先駆者としてのイメージが強いAirbnbでは、民泊を広げるのではなく、”Magical trip powered by people”というコンセプトで、ホストの方々が地域と連携し、その土地、その人たちにしか提供できない旅をともに作り上げていくことを目指しています。



 3月2日に、新宿にあるcozyでいかにも新しいアイデアが浮かびそうなAirbnbのオフィスで開かれる「ダボスの経験を東京で」第56回では、ワールドカップを盛り上げ、「持続可能な観光都市」を目指す釜石市のための“Magical Experience”のアイデアを皆さんに考えていただきます。あなたにしか考えられない、ワールドカップを盛り上げるトリップを考えてみましょう!


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