Session#55 Jan 26th
“Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World”

VIDEO: Summary in Japanese

VIDEO: Summary in English

Annual meeting of the World Economic Forum is held in Davos, Switzerland from January 23, 2018 for four days. The last annual meeting held in January 2017, was sometimes reported to be the representative event of “leaders” who lost touch with the reality of the ordinary people. It was even perceived to be the target of populism which was prevailing in the world, as the world saw Brexit and election of Donald Trump as the US president. The theme of the upcoming meeting is “Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World.”

The “Davos Experience in Tokyo” series started in 2012 to provide opportunity for people to participate in breakout brainstorming sessions. It was an attempt to show the “other aspect” of Davos than keynote speech by the heads of state and plenary panel sessions. Five years later, we want to re-visit the essence of annual meeting in Davos and to practice participatory and engaging spirit of discussion.

In joining global effort in co-design, co-creation and collaboration, the annual meeting pursues the sustainable development and inclusive growth among others. This year all the co-chairs are women, which is the first in its history.
We will watch the video/summary of discussion at Davos and discuss the key topics among ourselves in Tokyo. This will be a good opportunity to expand your perspectives to stay current in the world. Join us on January 26!

1月26日開催 第55回

世界経済フォーラム(World Economic Forum)の年次総会(通称ダボス会議)が2018年1月23日より4日間、スイスのダボスで開かれます。2017年1月に開かれたこの会議では、英国のEU離脱、トランプ大統領の誕生など世界を席巻しつつあったポピュリズムが批判する知識リーダーの代表のように捉えられることも多かった世界経済フォーラムですが、今回第48回では、これまでの常識や考え方が全く通用しない、格差も増大しつつある「分断された世界」において、未来を共有できるのか、というテーマで開催されます。


 Sustainable Development, Inclusive Growthなどを掲げ、分断された世界を超えて、新しい未来のデザイン・創造を目指す中、今回は共同議長がすべて女性です。これも初めての試みだと思いますので、これまでとは違った会議になるのではないでしょうか。



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