Session #53 Thursday, November 9
”Single life? It is fun? Is it lonesome? How can we make sure it is rich and fulfilling?”

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What impression do you have for “single life or one-person household?”  Stress-free life as you can decide what to do and control your life style on your own?  Probably some of you live alone now and are enjoying every minute of it. Some may have had experience of living alone and concluded that it is not for you.  In fact, the number of people living in share-house has increased as well as those who live alone. Reasons people live alone are diverse- some prefer that lifestyle because it gives freedom (particularly in young age) and others prefer that life style after they get divorce. Others may end up living alone as their children grow up and leave, and/or lost their spouse.

  Living alone may be stress free, but it may bring some risk as nobody is around to help you when some urgent matter happens.  One-person household in Japan accounts for 14.5% at 18.4 million people in 2017 and has been increasing.  In 2030, it is estimated that one out of four men in the 50s live alone. 

 The choice whether whether you want to live alone or live with your partners, children depends on individual choice, and you can choose your own life style.  One thing to note, however, is that many social systems and institutional arrangement is designed with the assumption that people do marry, have family and have long career with few companies.  This is far from reality today in Japan and the concept of inclusive Society 5.0 is now discussed to address this issue.

  At session #53 of Davos Experience in Tokyo on Thursday, November 9, we want to think creatively about “ideal one-person household/single life” where people can have rich and fulfilling, safe life.  What are the necessary ingredients for “happy” single life?  How can we make sure that we can have meaningful and fun life in one-person household?  Will communication via SNS help? Will forming and joining local community help? How do we deal with disaster and crime prevention?  How do we make sure our quality of life is good?  

 We want you to share your own experiences and develop several patterns of “ideal” one-person household/single life.  Join us! 

11月9日(木)開催 第53回


ある調査結果によると、2017年現在全体の14.5%いる一人暮らしは20年後の2030年には50代男性の4人に1人弱が一人暮らしとなるといわれています。結婚するか、1人で暮らすかは、個人の選択の問題であり、自らの価値観に従ってライフスタイルを選択する時代に差し掛かっているのです。しかし現状の日本の制度は既婚者、子持ち、終身雇用を前提として形成されていたため、今後の単身世帯の増加に対応できていないといわれています。制度が現状にも内閣府が掲げているSociety 5.0のコンセプトにも追いついていないのです。



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