Session#52 Oct6th
“Food for the World in 2030? Let us tell the world breakthrough product idea supported by earth shattering idea- DNA of Nissin Foods”

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Nissin Foods Holdings has the history of transforming our diet by breakthrough ideas. Instant chicken noodle, their first product, will celebrate 60th anniversary in 2018 and Cup Noodle which has just celebrated the 45th anniversary, creating a totally new food category.

You may also see/hear their unique (and sometimes too controversial) message such as “Crazy makes the Future” “Let us be a super fool, now” which has gone viral almost every time they announce.

Nissin Foods Holdings, Earth Food Creator, has proposed the credo of being “creative, unique, happy and global” and has pursued breakthrough product ideas, almost crazy, creative and unconventional ideas for marketing and advertising as corporate DNA.

This philosophy is well reflected in its CSR activities their actions related the world food issue. It is reported that 800 million people- one in nine- suffer from food shortage in the world. More severe is the status of children. One out of four children in the world suffer from malnutrition. On the other hand, in the developed economies, the issue of obesity as it is related to health and food waste in extreme consumption culture have become serious issues requiring some action.

Those who live in Japan may find these issues not relevant as they take place in distant places. However, the issue of food and nutrition is becoming urgent as proactive measures are required to respond to the rapid changes in demographics and other industry structures in the fastest aging society of Japan.

One of the enduring values of Nissin Foods is 食足世平— “Peace will come when there is enough food” and thus this situation in Japan and in the world is close to their core mission. The company has actively engaged in variety of activities to end hunger at the World Food Programme where Koki Ando, CEO of Nissin Foods serve as president.

At #52 session of Davos Experience in Tokyo on October 6, join us to develop creative, innovative ideas for new food, new lifestyle which can help resolve the food issue of the world in 2030 AND produce ideas to spread them throughout the world. Key words are Creative, Unique, Happy and Global.

第52回 「ダボスの経験を東京で」
2030年、世界の食は?食足世平をCreative , Unique, Happy, Globalに実現しよう!

来年60周年を迎えるチキンラーメン、昨年45周年を迎えたカップヌードルなど、全く新しい食品カテゴリーをつくっては、私たちの食を大きく変えている日清食品グループ。商品だけでなく、「Crazy makes the Future」「いまだ! ばかやろう!」など、時にはユニークすぎるTV CMなどを次々と展開し、大きな反響をよんでいます。そのような背景にある考え方はどういうものなのでしょうか?

Creative , Unique, Happy, Globalを行動指針とし、社員一人一人が奇抜な発想と桁違いのクリエイティビティを発揮して、常に面白いこと、新しいことを実現することこそが日清らしさであるというのです。また、日清食品グループは“食が足りて初めて世の中が平和になる”という「食足世平」を創業者精神として掲げており、CEOの安藤宏基が会長を務める国連WFP協会の飢餓撲滅活動を積極的に支援しています。世界では、約8億人、およそ9人に1人が飢餓に苦しんでいるといわれています。とくに深刻なのは子どもの飢餓で、世界中の子どもの4人に1人が慢性的な栄養不良に見舞われているのです。




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