Session#50 July 28th
“Create new business for Shiseido- Innovation for 145-year history’s company!?”

VIDEO: Guidance

VIDEO: New Ideas

VIDEO: Interview with participants

World economy, geopolitics and society are changing at ever-increasing speed. Young energy in Asia, including China & ASEAN, is expected to drive the world to the next level. When we turn our eyes to Japan, however, even manufacturing companies which used to dominate the world with innovative products seem to lack competitive technology, as years passed after the foundation. Many have found it challenging to create new value to keep up with and/or surpass the fast pace of changing world.

Drastic and unconventional ideas beyond traditional thinking and past success formula are needed to reinvigorate them.At the same time, philosophies, values and mission which founded the company need to be preserved beyond time.

At session #50 of “Davos Experience in Tokyo” on Friday, July 28, we will ask participants to accept hypothetical task of developing new business idea for Shiseido, by discovering and creating new value, its founding principle. Join us and develop new ideas with good profit potential, as Shiseido’s staff with two-year-contract!

2017年7月28日開催 第50回 「145年続く伝統ある日本企業、資生堂で新たなビジネス創造をしよう!





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