Session #48 May 26th
“Capture the moment of truth from image analytics via SNS. Ideas for innovation/new work style?”

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How many photos do you take with your smartphone? What do you do with many photo you take? What was the typical thinking around photo taking and storing?

Did it not go as follows; You select a good object, make sure you take “good” photo and you keep them in shoe box or in album, until several years ago.

Now that photo taking is so easy with smartphone and popularity of selfie and posting on SNS, over 3 billion photos are taken a day!

In this environment, focused on developing image recognition technology specifically tuned for user generated photos for four years. It was a major undertaking as photos taken by consumers are not necessarily “high quality” “clear” and/or captures the whole scene. However, they succeeded in developing unique technology to image analytics. has tried to capture “the moment of consumption” by analyzing photos on social media, because they are taken by consumers while they are using a product. Visual contents tell you more about consumers than anything else. Image also breaks language barrier, thus can go global. has been developing new business model by combining image analytics, AI and marketing. By analyzing huge number of photos generated by users, they can utilize advertising dollars better, and/or enhancing the engagement with consumers, thus making marketing much more effective and efficient.

At session #48 of Davos Experience in Tokyo, we invite Mayuko Yamaura, co-founder of She will explain the uniqueness of their technology and their past journey since founding the company. has been awarded many prizes and participated in prestigious forums/conferences including SouthbySouthwest. She will share with us the outlook of their next business model.

We want you to think of new, unique and creative ways to apply their technology. For outline of, check their website.Venue is at Wilson Learning Worldwide in Roppongi1chome. Join us for the exciting journey into the future.

2017年5月26日開催 第48回

 みなさんは、毎日何枚の写真をスマートフォンで撮っていますか?撮った写真はどうしていますか? 数年前までは「良い写真」を撮るために被写体を選び、撮った写真はアルバムや空き箱で保存するのが、一般的な「写真に対する考え方」だったと思います。しかし今やスマートフォンによる撮影の簡易さ、画質の向上、自撮りやSNSの普及で、何と1日に30億枚以上の写真がスマートフォンからSNSに投稿されているそうです。







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