Session #47
“Let us make technology our friend!”

Session #47 April 21, 2017 “Davos Experience in Tokyo”
“Let us make technology our friend!”

April 21, we hosted session #47 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series This is a skill development program. During the session, we learn the tools such as Google Photo, You Tube and Google slide. Here is a brief talk by our guest, Tatsuo Yoshihara, media designer.As reported right after the session, we hosted #47 of Davos Experience in Tokyo,focusing on tools such as Google photo, You tube and Goole slides. Tatsuo Yoshiwara explained how to use tools, store on cloud and collaborate in groups. Participants concentrated on listening to him, and tried individually. After that, we broke them into small groups with the task of preparing slide file to promote Davos… series, using the photo and video they took there. Though we were not allowed to record the session there, you can get the sense of it from the following two video clips. I have asked participants to use the tools (You tube) and share their experiences there. Here is the short video of the two. First one is by Ana who came for the first time, and the second one is with my introduction and some photos of the session with brief interview at the end.

VIDEO: Guidance

VIDEO: Guidance Japanese

VIDEO: Introduction/talk

VIDEO: Introduction/talk Japanese

VIDEO: Interviews

It has been only a decade since iPhone came into our life. Our life has changed so drastically in the past decade that people take it for granted that we all are connected any time.
Whenever new technology emerges, the two distinctive groups emerge. Those (younger generation?) who are attracted to the immense potential of new technologies and willing to give a try, and those who feel very threatened, try to avoid it and/or maintain conventional rules and ways of doing things.
As technology makes progress every day, we feel it is better to learn them and see whether we can apply them to our life, than to simply avoid it because many things are so new.
At #47 of Davos Experience in Tokyo, held on Friday, April 21, we will attempt to address this issue. The title of the session is “Let us make best use of basic technologies.” We will have Mr. Tatsuo Yoshihara, media designer and who is in charge of Google Education as guest. We will learn application that enables us to collaborate beyond time and space. We will “make” something tangible.
We tried the same idea with Tatsuo at Reunion of Global Agenda Seminar series in late January. It was very well received and we learned several tips then. We will try this time for Davos Experience in Tokyo series.
Venue is at Google located at Roppongi Hills as they have great Wi-Fi environment. We want to make sure that participants who are interested have the following BEFORE they come to the session. This is for the purpose of having basic levels for all participants and ensure that we can make group video within the time (i.e. until 9:30 pm)
Qualifications are:
1. Already have Google account (We will share them within groups, so if you do NOT want to share yours, you are not eligible for this session.)
2. We will use Google Drive, You Tube, Google Photo, etc., so please familiarize yourself if you have never seen them.
For security purposes, we will prepare list of participants in advance, inform Google of it. We will meet at the first-floor office reception at 7:15 pm, confirm your registration, collect fees and will go up to the venue. The session will be from 7:30 to 9:30 pm as always. As we cannot have networking at Google, you are free to get together with your groups or go home.

2017年4月21日開催 第47回 「ダボスの経験を東京で」

4月21日(金)に開かれる「ダボス。。」第47回では、「基本的なテクノロジーをどんどん使ってみよう!」というタイトルで、メディア・デザイナーでありGoogle Education を担当なさっている吉原龍雄さんをゲストに、時間空間を超えて協働できるようなツールを学び、それを使って実際に動画やプレゼンテーションスライドなどをつくってみます。
1. Google アカウントを持って使っている。
2. グループワークの際に、Google のメールアドレスを交換しても問題ない。
3. 自身の Google アカウントで、下記のツールを使用することに問題がない。
″ YouTube, Google フォト, Google ドライブなど

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