Session #46
“What if your company/industry undergoes almost unthinkable transformation? How would you respond?”

Session #46 March 24, 2017 “Davos Experience in Tokyo”

“What if your company/industry undergoes almost unthinkable transformation? How would you respond?”

Due to accelerating technological advancement and global competition (against nationalism/populism), many industries have been disrupted. Familiar products such as smart phone, new business model of Uber based upon sharing economy are emerging every day to change our life. Even the auto industry where product and players have been well defined, is challenged by shake-up of the conventional order, once EV becomes main stream. We are experiencing series of “unthinkable” events every day.

On the other hand, chemical and food industries have experienced major mergers and acquisitions by major players, but not disruption per se.

What would you do if you find out the company you have worked for announce the merger with another big company in the industry. We often call the 21st century the century of change, but it is another question how we as individuals respond when major changes take place to us directly.

At session #46 of Davos Experience in Tokyo scheduled for March24, we will address this issue at Dow Chemical Japan which is undergoing the transition.
In December, 2015, announcement was made about merger of Dow Chemical and Du Pont, two major players in the industry. It was approved at shareholders’ meetings of both companies in July, 2016. How do people working for Dow Chemical Japan react to this news and adapt?

We see many more mergers, acquisitions etc. among Japanese big businesses lately. When it comes to the Japanese landscape, you may recall Sharp and Toshiba examples which are more drastic than industry restructuring,

It is not “unthinkable” to see major restructuring of the industry as globalization continues. We can never be sure that the future will be an extension of the past. Many more “unthinkable” events will happen.

Let us ask people at Dow Chemical Japan who are now faced with this big change to share their individual experiences. Let us use their stories to simulate our own future.

Session #46 of Davos Experience in Tokyo will be held at Dow Chemical Japan office at Tennozu Isle. In the era of discontinuous change, let us think about implications of these sweeping changes not only to organizations but also for us individuals. Hope many will register.

2017年3月24日開催 第46回 「ダボスの経験を東京で」








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