Session #45
“What does Workstyle Reform mean for you?
Do you know how you spend your time?”

Session #45 February 24, 2017 “Davos Experience in Tokyo”
“What does Workstyle Reform mean for you?
Do you know how you spend your time?”

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With inauguration of the President Donald Trump in the US and Hard Brexit announced by Teresa May of UK, not many articles or news appear on the third arrow of “Abenomics” lately. One topic that has appeared almost every day in the media is “Work style reform.”

As triggered by the suicide from overwork by the young lady of Dentsu which has caught much media attention throughout the world, there appears momentum to address the issue of “long workhours.” In fact, the first White paper on Karoshi (already in the dictionary, meaning death from overwork) has been published lately.

Long work hours are known to cause health issues and affects all regardless of age or gender. It also is considered one of the causes for low productivity of white collar workers in Japan. Finally addressing this issue is one of the urgent among others.

In addition to the government policies on workstyle reform, we see some initiatives by the companies such as “reduction of overtime” “4 workday week”, partly because corporations have had difficulty in recruiting people.

At session #45 of Davos.. series, we will focus on what individuals can and should do for this issue.
Do you know for what activities you spend time? Though we seek to cut long workhours and promote more efficient workstyle, it has to start with the facts.

So, we will ask you to reflect how much time you spend for what activities yourself, in order to think creatively with imagination how better to spend time. Some of you may have experience that you have no idea where time goes by, and/or that you cannot find time to do things you want to do. If you are one of them, come and join us. Let us think about how we can use time more efficiently and effectively.

2017年2月24日開催 第45回 「ダボスの経験を東京で」







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