#Series 44
“Are we in the era of “Fake news” and “Post-Truth”? How do we respond to information storm?”

#Session 44 “Davos Experience in Tokyo”
January 27, 2016
“Are we in the era of “Fake news” and “Post-Truth”? How do we respond to information storm?”

Last night (January 27), we hosted the first session (and 44th in the series) of Davos Experience in Tokyo series. Topic was role of media, how do we respond to information storm where concept and terms such as “fake news” “post-truth” and “alternative facts” have been used so often with social media  gaining  power. With our guest speaker, Dr. Florian Kohlbacher of the Economist Corporate Network, sharing his view, we had many people (some from media) participating in the session to have discussion on how we make sure we make efforts to ensure good sources of information, how we identify the role of information, etc.
I trust the session gave us a lot to think about. I prepared a short video of the session. Here it is.


Before session

After session


Following the unexpected result of “Brexit” in June, Donald Trump whom many had thought would NOT be nominated to be even the Presidential candidate will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States on January 20.
As these almost “unthinkable” results that only few had predicted have become reality, role of media which has become more diversified and the significance of “facts” and “truth” has been challenged.
It appears that there is consensus as to the impact of social media on politics, in the era of populism that has been sweeping the world against globalization and accelerating technological transformation. SNS with which anybody can say anything to the world seems to have become effective and efficient means to mobilize people, judging from the fact that Donald Trump use thousands of tweets to express his views and his Tweet has huge followers.
In fact, the attempts to set up website which is designed simply to increase the number of clicks and make high advertising revenue, regardless of ideology or views, have been reported.
Will “Facts don’t matter” as Donald Trump says in his tweet prevail? Are we entering the era of “Post Truth” as some have argued?
At our first session of “Davos Experience in Tokyo” for 2017 we will focus on the changing role of media and how we should address role of information storm in the era of “post-truth.”
Our guest is Dr. Florian Kohlbacher, Director, Economist Corporate Network, North Asia, The Economist Group, one of the major media groups with global coverage. Florian will fire start our discussion by sharing his view of the media landscape today and how we can make best use of the diverse information and media today. Let us develop a new information strategy for the new year. Join us on Friday, January 27.

第44回 ダボスの経験を東京で

トランプ自身「Facts don’t matter」といっているように、「post-truth」の時代になったという意見も聞かれるようになってきました。
ゲストはEconomist Group, Economist Corporate Network, North AsiaのDirectorであるFlorian Kohlbacher氏。研究者としての経験もある氏に、世界をカバーする有力メディア・グループのひとつであるEconomistから見て、現状をどう分析しておられるか、また私たちが情報を活用するためにはどんなことが必要か、語っていただき、私たち自身の新しい情報戦略を考えてみませんか。


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