#Series 43
“Unique experience only YOU can offer at YOUR place?”

VIDEO: Before session (Part 1)

I interviewed Jack, one of the hosts of airbnb both in Japanese and in English. The topic of the session is “Sharing Economy” and I asked Jack, one of the presenters how airbnb is received in Japan and about new services that airbnb has recently launched.

VIDEO: Opening Talk- Presentation by Mika Yamamoto and two other hosts (Part 2)

In the first 5 minutes or so, I explained the background of the topic-Sharing Economy- and asked participants their experience with airbnb (quite a few have already tried Airbnb). Then I asked them to recall the best and the worst of their travel experience and shared their best and/or the worst with their neighbors, followed by brief discussion with all. It included “meeting/not meeting expectations” “getting to know people” and “being upgraded to the better class on flight.” etc.
At around 7 minutes into this part of video, I introduced the guest speaker, Ms. Mika Yamamoto who explained the recent trend in the tourism industry and growth of “sharing economy” in general. She shifted to the subject of airbnb-how it started and how it has developed so far.
At about 15 minutes into this part of the video, Mika introduced the experience “Disco Sento” by one of the executives of Wilson Learning who supported the series. Then, a photographer shared her experience of identifying good spots in Japan which she wanted to introduce to visitors.
Mika then explained the concept of community host, followed by presentation by Jack, home host who has had many experiences of sharing economy since he came to Tokyo as student from China.
His story shows how people with limited budgets can make the best of different services of sharing economy. He said at the beginning he was very nervous about being a home host, as he had no idea about the guests. He ended up having great relationships with guests (some want to play badminton even their stay is for two days!) and in addition have enjoyed the airbnb host community.
After their presentation, I explained the procedure to the participants. i.e. they will break out in six groups, each person developing an idea as to what experience he/she can offer, share it with other members of the group, and the group will decide on the best idea which represents the group.

VIDEO: Presentations & Closing (Part 3)

After 45 minutes or so of brainstorming within small groups, each of the six groups explained their selected “experience” of the group.
Interesting experiences to offer were presented.

  • 2 days based upon unique features of Japan starting with custom-made facial & other treatment on the first day, and visit at Tsukiji fish market and private lesson with Sushi chef.
  • Deep Tokyo tour-yoga at Shinjuku, visit Yansen, old places in Tokyo, ending with super “Settai” entertainment experiences. (including Rahmen selected by the specialist at the end), with photographer taking photos all day
  • Joining the Deep Tokyo Choir to sing
  • Deep Running to see many different places in Tokyo along the Tama river for example.
  • Host serving as photographer for the guest to make photo book, and share on SNS, particularly for single girls (can be used for advertising, too). Additional service for single girls is to offer compatibility test to secure safety and good time.
  • Visit to Haruki Murakami’s World-service for book lovers to visit the places, recipe, cafe related to Haruki where you can join discussion on Haruki with people who like his books. This service can be extended to other authors.

After the presentation by six groups, we took votes using the device.
By far the top spot was Haruki Murakami’s world who took some 16 votes. Distant second was Deep Tokyo tour. The winner received a bottle of champagne.

At the end, I explained the schedule for the year 2017. The first session of 2017 will be on Friday, January 27, where we would discuss “role of media” and “data/information strategy” in the era of fake news.

VIDEO: After session (Part 4)

I had two interviews –the first, with Piotr who came to the session for the first time, in English about how he found out about the series, and his reactions/impressions of the session.
I also interviewed Saki, a Japanese lady who came for the first time. It was done in Japanese and in English. She came as she heard about the series from her friend. I asked about the idea that her group selected-Deep Tokyo choir. We talked about the potential of chorus/choir for collaboration.

#Session 43 “Davos Experience in Tokyo”
December 9, 2016
“Unique experience only YOU can offer at YOUR place?”

We hosted “Experience Auction” in February at #35 session of Davos experience in Tokyo. Many offered their unique experience and/or expertise as item for at auction for people to bid. At #43 session of Davos Experience, we ask all participants to think of “ideas” to host visitors, based upon your experience and/or special skills. We will have a representative of Airbnb with us as our guest to share with us their concept so that we can develop our own concept of “hosting” guests like friends.
Airbnb’s vision is “Live there. Book unique homes and experience like a local.” How can we develop our concept of “hosting” visitors like friends? How can we make people feel at home wherever they go throughout the world?
As there have been more “repeat” tourists for Japan now, they want to have “different” and “unique” experiences. How about introducing them to the music festival held at local public bath SENTO and making them feel like a local? How about cook local dishes using local ingredients? How about taking them to the dance class you are taking as hobby?
Let us think of ways how we can host visitors from abroad as well as from Japan. Join us to develop creative & attractive concept.

第43回 ダボスの経験を東京で

2015年2月 第35回のダボスにおいて、皆さんのユニークな経験や特技を商品としてオークションにかける企画を行ったのを、覚えておいででしょうか?音声学の知識を活用した英語の発音教室や銀座での接待のノウハウを教え体験する企画等創造性に富んだアイディアが多くありました。第43回の次回は、Airbnbの方をゲストとして招き、参加者の皆様全員にホスティングのアイディアを自身の経験やスキルベースで考えて頂きます。

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