#Series 38
“What is “Beauty”? -Beauty of future? Your own beauty? Let us explore…”

VIDEO: Before session (Part 1)

I interviewed Ms. Nagai, in charge of corporate communication of Shiseido both in Japanese and English. She was the presenter who shared with us the concept of beauty and variety of aspects of beauty. We discussed what she expects from the session.

VIDEO: Opening (Part 2)

I started the session explaining background of the topic of the session, different view and definition of beauty. I asked the participants which consisted of many from Shiseido as well as from others, “who comes to their mind when they are asked the beautiful person” and to share their idea of beautiful person with their neighbors.

After brief sharing among themselves, we had general discussion where I asked for some ideas from the group. Some examples were presented such as people with inner beauty, confidence as source of beauty, and the type of activities for making the world better. Interesting ideas on beauty included fragrance. As I heard from some ideas, I quoted some remarks related to the subject. (first 14 minutes or so)

Then Ms. Mihoko Nagai of Corporate Communication of Shiseido made a presentation for about 25 minutes or so which was engaging, very inspiring and moving. She engaged the participants well to have fun interaction. (It is highly recommended to watch.) Her personal story and message extremely well developed with stories referring to some contrasting examples and recent trends was very well received.
After her presentation, I explained two topics for the breakout sessions. The first is “beauty in 2020” and the other “how do we define beauty in the era of social media”.

VIDEO: Presentations (Part 3)

Two groups for two topics each reported back to the whole group what they discussed during breakout sessions. The first group discussing “beauty in 2020” reported that “Beauty influenced by Japanese culture such as healthy, simplicity, functional” could be appealed to the people throughout the world. The second group explained inner beauty, power, accessibility by anybody as key concepts as well as emphasized the “unique” nature of the Japanese. They introduced the concept of “RIN” (difficult to translate into English) which was very interesting.
I shared the concept of “collaboration” when we tried to deliver the message rather than one-way “presentation” which I came across at other seminars
Two groups reported back the discussion around “Beauty in the era of social media”. The first group shared with us the positive and negative implications from social media on the concept of beauty, including the speed of changing definition of beauty, emerging diversity of definition and availability of information of beauty, etc.
The second group on social media started with the different use of social media by generations and proceeded with the difference in definition of beauty by generations. They emphasized the need for each to have clearer definition of beauty as there are many opportunities to present themselves in social media.
I asked some questions to the groups to clarify, make comments etc.
At the end Ms. Nagai made some comments on the group’s work.
I ended the session with the question to the group, “Do you think you are beautiful after all the discussion?”

VIDEO: After session (Part 4)

After the session, I interviewed two people who participated in the Davos Experience in Tokyo series for the first time. The first person is a graphic designer, husband of the person who works for Shiseido and the second is the Japanese lady. The second one was done in Japanese and in English.
Both participants seemed to find the experience fun and interesting as discussion was on the topic of interest and discussion was very easy to join.

#Session 38 “Davos Experience in Tokyo” series
June 24, 2016
“What is “Beauty”? -Beauty of future? Your own beauty? Let us explore…”

Suppose you are asked a question, “What does beauty mean to you? ““How do you respond?”
There is no question that beautiful things and people enrich our life and our mind. But we have no “universal” beauty, as the concept of “beauty” depends on time, society and our own value system. “How” it is defined depends on “who” defines it. As we see many different values represented in the world today, and “diversity” has become a hot topic for debate, it is even more important to revisit the concept of “beauty” to see how people define “beauty.”
Shiseido’s corporate mission is “beauty for now and beauty for life” and the company has pursued the concept of beauty in its over century long history.
At our session #38 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series, we will introduce how concept of “beauty” Shiseido has pursued has changed over time. Shiseido, a manufacturer and marketer of cosmetic products, has developed and revisited the concept of beauty and what constitutes “Beauty”. The company has always sought after what they can do to make women shine in each era. They have promoted how each one of us can pursue beautiful mind, beautiful behaviors and beautiful lifestyle. We would like to explore how we want to live our life based upon the values represented by beauty.
The session #38 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series will be held, with the cooperation of Shiseido, on Friday, June 24 at Hanatsubaki Hall of Shiseido in Ginza.
Beauty we long for has become more and more diverse, as more women participate in the labor force and lifestyles have become more varied.
In the era of social media, importance of visuals in communication has been advocated. Many of us are increasingly aware and conscious of how we are perceived and how we want others to perceive us. The more we focus on our appearance and how we look, the more important it becomes to revisit what kind of “beauty” we want to portray. Why not join us to explore the question of “beauty for you”?
Your own ideal beauty may lead you to your ideal life style and/or yourself. Thus the question of defining beauty in your life is relevant to all of us, regardless of gender. This session will offer us the opportunity to face your own value system and your own ideal self. Join us on Friday, June 24.

「未来の「美」、私の「美」 美しさって何だろう?」


美しいものは私たちの生活や心を豊かにしてくれますが、何を美しいと思うのかは千差万別で人の価値観によって変化します。 6月の「ダボスの経験を東京で」は、価値観が多様化する現代だからこそ「美しさ」をテーマに「一瞬も 一生も 美しく」をコーポレートメッセージに掲げる株式会社 資生堂と共催で6月24日(金)、銀座の資生堂 花椿ホールにて開催いたします。





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