#Series 36
“Start up Japanese style?”

VIDEO: Before session (Part 1)

Before session (2 min.)
Interviewed Casey Wahl, guest speaker, who explained what he would cover during the session-recruiting industry, start up, failure and ideas for movie and what he would expect from the session.

VIDEO: After session (Part 2)

After session (5 min.)
I interviewed two people, one Japanese and the other from Indonesia. Both of them are first time participants of Davos Experience in Tokyo session.
The first one was done in Japanese and in English(3 min.) and the second in English only.(2 min.) Both shared their reasons why they participated and their impressions.

VIDEO: Opening & Talk (Part 3)

Opening & Talk (30 minutes)
In the first 2 minutes or so, I welcomed the participants and explained briefly about our last session “Experience Auction.” Then I asked participants to recall their big mistakes/failure in job and/or think whether they have Right Stuff to become entrepreneurs. After 2 minutes or so, I asked them to share their stories with neighbors.
I introduced why we want to think about career options now (timing) and the reason we invited Casey Wahl.
Casey started discussing the size(huge) and issues (thus opportunities for start up) in recruiting industry. He then compared/contrasted start up ecosystem in Silicon Valley and in Japan to point out what’s missing in Japanese eco system. He talked about his own failures (as failures are often found in start-ups) and explained what he is looking for in his new movie project.

VIDEO: Presentation & Closing (Part 4)

Presentation & closing (30 minutes)
All 8 groups reported back what they discussed. For each topic of 1) recruiting industry 2) start up 3) new idea for movie and 4) failure, two groups discussed and reported back. There are many creative and innovative ideas including:
Rating of recruiting companies, change the negative perception of job change, promoting/developing advisor before going to recruiters
Job & social security, confidence building, encouragement of start-ups.
Promoting the link/connectors that bridge people with ideas and private companies/government with funds
For ideas to create better world, self-generating power/energy, a variety of help for aged people and/or people terminally ill
For sharing failure, meeting/Nomikai with all people to discuss failure, with no title, Osaka style, drinking to stay away from shy, hierarchical, Japanese only environment. Involving more diverse (non-Japanese included) people will even lead to improved teamwork
Solutions such as courage, knowledge/skill, partner, deciding what Not to do suggested for causes for failures including lack of actions, lack of prioritization, and of information.

#Session 36 “Davos Experience in Tokyo” series
April 22, 2016
“Start up Japanese style?”

Recently we have focused on topics around jobs, namely; the possibility of mega venture from Asia (with Toru Tokushige of Terra Motors), future of jobs and direct recruiting etc. (with Soichiro Minami of BizReach) and how to make best of your talent in the changing market (Experience Auction). We will continue with this important topic of stimulating entrepreneurship and startup and deep dive into the specific subject of what we need to do, at our next session of Davos Experience in Tokyo series.
We will have Casey Wahl, as our guest and will discuss what opportunities there are for the startup and jobs in Japan. Casey is Founder and CEO of the recruiting and executive search firm Wahl & Case, based in Tokyo, with offices in San Francisco and Berlin. He is a native of New York, and has lived in Japan for a long time. He is also the founder and CEO of Red Brick Ventures, an angel investment and incubation platform in Tokyo which has created the Justa, job platform for startups and will soon be launching a predictive analytics service for better matching of companies and job seekers.
He recently wrote a book entitled “The Quiet Comeback20 Startup Founders Leading Japan’s Next Tech Boom” (English edition)“ with stories of several Japanese entrepreneurs including Soichiro Minami whom we had in February session.
As I read his book recently, I was very encouraged by the new wave of young people who are willing to take on new challenge. I was also very impressed with the underlying motivation of many entrepreneurs to make the world better.
Casey’s book also discusses what type of mistakes Japanese entrepreneurs tend to make and lessons learned from them. Casey is also very knowledgeable about the recruiting scene in Japan and may have some suggestions for those interested in the career change. At different conferences I have attended lately in Dubai and in Hong Kong, I heard that “single career with the established company is the thing of the past” many times and I personally agree with this concept. Why not find out from the person who is very familiar with stories of startups both in Japan and in Silicon Valley and see what each one of us can do?
Casey spoke at TEDxAGU last autumn (His talk starts from 4:56:14 for about 22minutes-one of the last talks).
Join us at #36 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series on Friday, April 22.



なぜこれほど仕事や起業に関心が集まるのか?そのひとつの理由は、世界が激変する中、起業は、国はもちろん世界経済のエンジンとして期待されているからです。そこで、今回は「具体的に何をしたら良いのか」についてリクルーティングやヘッドハンティングの会社Wahl & Caseの創業者であるケイシーウォールさんをお招きして考えたいと思います。
ケイシーウォールさんはニューヨーク出身、長年日本で暮らし、現在は東京を拠点として、サンフランシスコ、ベルリンにもオフィスを持ち、エンジェル投資、インキュベーションのプラットフォームであるRed Brick Venturesの創業者としても活動されています。またTEDxAGUにも登壇されたことがあります。






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