#Series 35
“How much value is your ‘unique expertise?’ Let us sharpen our market sense through experience auction”

VIDEO: Opening talk & Presentation of items (Part 1)

Opening Talk & Presentation of items (48 minutes)
At the beginning of the session, I welcomed the participants and explained my activities (three overseas trips since the session #34 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series) including Global Women’s Forum in Dubai in Dubai, my trip to New York (fun despite the cold weather!) and McKinsey Asia Alumni Leadership Summit and events in Japan including Women’s Initiative Forum several days before.
I emphasized what I have found during these trips/conferences. Namely, the days where we have one single job during our career is over and we need to be aware and develop the capability to identify “value.”
I asked participants to think of their experience of setting price/negotiating price and to share their experiences with neighbors. (I wanted to invite their attention to the fact that we have so few experiences of setting price/negotiating price, as we often take “price” as “given.”)
As “value” becomes more important now than before and we need capability to identify/figure out the “value” of things as the market changes so fast.
After about several minutes into the video, I explained the auction process. We have 14 items and each one will be introduced by the sponsor. Participants can watch and decide whether they want to bid for the item or not and if so, how much they are willing to pay.
I started with my own item –I had four- showing the slides and explaining what each one contains and the starting price. After my introduction of items, other sponsors introduced their own items. (It starts about 14 minutes into the video.)
There are 10 more items altogether, starting w Maki’s individuality in style /Africa/bowtie, Tomohiro’s personal coaching, Rie’s letter writing with paper craft (very personal & sophisticated style), Yohei’s offering class to learn deep learning/images easy way, Asano’s session to introduce Enneagram as a way to expand your opportunities, Noriko’s two sessions-the first to create your own song, and the second to complete your son with Sound Memo & Garage Band,
Hideyuki’s offering service of creating your own theme song based upon profiling your personal story, (he even played theme song for me as demonstration! 33 min. into the video), Ayako’s offering 2.5 hour English pronunciation therapy session based upon her expertise of phonetics study, and Akira’s offering of how to do “SETTAI-Real Entertainment at reasonable price” from his experience of doing so many SETTAI to build rapport with people.
I asked several clarifying questions and at the end, I introduced all the items again.
After the presentation of the 14 items, participants started breakout sessions in small groups to think of what items each one of them could offer.

VIDEO: Presentation and Closing (Part 2)

Presentation & Closing (25 minutes)
In the first few minutes, participants were asking questions about the items etc. Then each group reported back what they discussed in breakout sessions- including what items they came to think of as auction items-exchanging their skills, communicating what they want to do in life (one person wants to be a monk), capitalizing on their expertise (knowledge about history, experience in risky countries, how to ride trains during rush hour), etc.
I asked whether there were any new findings or new ideas from watching presentation of others. This discussion seems to offer opportunity to do trial & error in pricing/identifying value/what people are willing to pay.
At the end, I wrapped up the session by encouraging participants to think of “value” by identifying needs/problems to solve and revisiting what they can do from their own experience/expertise.
In the last few minutes, I introduced the next session with Casey Wahl and our attempts to increase repeat participants by organizing Yoko’s bar.

VIDEO: Before session (Part 3)

Before session (4 minutes)
Before the session, I interviewed Maki san who has participated at Davos.. in Tokyo series a few times. offered an item based upon her expertise and her wish at the auction both in Japanese and in English. She explained why she came up with the idea.

VIDEO: After session (Part 4)

After session (some 6 minutes)
I had two interviews both in Japanese and in English. One was with Haruo Imai who came for the second time. He shared his impression of the session and in particular talked about how he started thinking about what he could offer for a value.
The second interview was with Fumie Ishida who came for the first time. She found the session interesting and already has some ideas to offer at auction when we hold another auction at Davos Experience in Tokyo series.
Both of them made a bid for the items at the auction. (In fact, both made a bid for the items I offered—Thanks!)

#Session 35 “Davos Experience in Tokyo” series
March 18, 2016
“How much value is your ‘unique expertise?’ Let us sharpen our market sense through experience auction”

At session #35 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series, we will host “auction of experience” where you will offer your experience and/or unique expertise and participants can bid. You can offer the items and/or a bidder.

The world has been undergoing revolutionary change. Crude prices have kept going down, the stock market throughout the world is so volatile and “outsiders” to politics have gathered support for the US presidential election. It is not unrealistic to imagine the next President of the US among one of these outsiders. In the midst of these sweeping changes, how do we think about our own career and life style?

While the Fourth Industrial Revolution has begun, each one of us can manage and can build our career and/or lifestyle on our own unique knowledge, skills and experience, rather than the “status” of being the employee of established corporations. However, it is quite difficult to assess “value” of our experience and knowledge etc., apart from our work experience and educational background. You may be at a loss as this is not the type of questions we can ask head hunters.

In Davos Experience in Tokyo series, we have discussed/debated topics such as “benefits of having a second job” and “how to identify your own hidden skills, in addition to the current jobs you have”. We have advocated the notion that each one of us needs to find out our own worth by exploring our unique experience and/or hidden knowhow, and to appeal to the rest of the world through the open system.

According to one recent report, “social skill” and “system skill” will be required from now to stay employed, rather than English language skills or certificates of technical skills. More advanced skills of complex problem solving to answer “What should I do to make an impact?” and “What is the purpose of this work?” are critical.

At #35 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series, we will host special session of “experience auction.” We will provide “marketplace” for you to identify market trend and develop ideas for offering “special experience” based upon your expertise. Those interested in buying that experience can bid for the offer. Thus we try to develop capabilities to make sense of the changing market.

Identifying “value” of the particular experience you want to offer can be quite tricky.

Why not take a stock of your capabilities and experiences, think about the market trend and explore items that you can offer at the auction. We will inform those who register for the event, of the details of auction and ask them to prepare items beforehand. At #35 session on March 18, the participants with offer will introduce the items one after another and the bidding begins. You can participate by bidding only (no offering of items). By doing so, you may develop the eye to think of your own experience. For details and registration, follow this link.

「あなたの“特技”はいくら? 体験オークションでマーケット感覚を磨く」






ぜひこの機会に自分の棚卸をして、マーケットニーズがありそうな特技や経験を探してみてはいかがでしょうか。事前に出品申請をしていただいた方に、オークション出品の詳細をお知らせし準備していただき、当日、他の参加者に出品内容を簡単に説明し、買い手を求めてオークションします。オークションに自分は出品しないという方も、ぜひ参加して、値段をつけてください。いろいろな出品アイテムを見ると、自分の得意技を新たな視点で考えるきっかけになると思います。 詳細、お申込みはこちらからどうぞ。


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