#Series 34
“Future of Jobs in the midst of the Industrial Revolution”

VIDEO: Opening (Part 1)

I started the session welcoming the participants and introduced the objective of the session, namely, future of jobs in the face of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
I asked the participants to think of the two types of jobs 1) jobs that existed 5-10 years ago but not any more and 2) the jobs which did not exist 5- 10 years ago, but are around today.
Participants shared their ideas about the two types of jobs and after exchange among them, we had general discussion. Some jobs that do not exist include typist, ice man, key puncher, Dagashi sweet store manager, and the jobs that are new include line stamp designer, affiliate blogger, data scientists, vegetable factory, etc.
With this introduction, I explained briefly the findings of Future of Jobs Report of Global Agenda Council which discusses the changes taking place in jobs and employment based upon the global survey of HR executives.
About 17 minutes into the video, I introduced our guest, Soichiro Minami of BizReach, who went to the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos in January for the first time as one of the Young Global Leaders.
Soichiro shared his impressions of Davos, which gave us the vivid picture of the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum. He had many good expressions and metaphors that vividly explain his impression-“massaging brain” “intern at the world cup of leaders”. I asked him some questions and he took some more questions from the participants as well. Some of his takeaways are worth watching/listening such as “I think I am a bigger person.”
At the end, I asked Soichiro about his company, BizReach, direct recruiting platform. He discussed his background with financial services and launching Rakuten baseball team and motivation of starting BizReach from his own experience of inefficiencies of finding jobs/talents.
At the end, I introduced the topic and the procedure of the breakout session. The question for discussion is rather broad, “what do you want to do?” It could be jobs, lifestyle, career, etc. in the fast-changing world.

VIDEO: Presentation & Closing (Part 2)

In the first 2 minutes of so, the video shows the discussion in some breakout sessions.
Then eight groups reported back what they discussed. Discussions seemed to cover a wide variety of areas—discussion on what makes us happy, what kind of jobs are sought, outlook of their current job, importance of long-term career and criteria to assess the job opportunities, importance of family, importance of multiple jobs, etc.
Some key words that are common across many groups include: Global, Being Open, Connect, Communication, Ambition/Dream, Flexibility, Find yourself/importance of having your own identity, Constructive application of technology to make our “human-ness” even stronger.
At the end of the session, I did very brief wrap up, emphasizing the importance of having many options and of not feeling that you are stuck. More people felt more optimistic at the end of the session than they were before the session.
I explained the “experience auction” for the next session.

VIDEO: Before Session (Part 3)

I interviewed one of the participants both in Japanese and in English. He has participated in the session several times because he wants to be a global leader, and came to this session to find out what was discussed at the Annual Meeting of the WEF and to interact with our guest, Soichiro Minami because he is HR manager of the company.

VIDEO: After Session (Part 4)

In the first 4 minutes or so, I interviewed Soichiro Minami of BizReach, our guest for the session. He shared his impression of the session and what he got out of it. It is both in Japanese and in English. To see his takeaway, watch the interview yourself.
In the last 4 minutes or so, I interviewed the first timer in Japanese and in English about her impression and how she found the breakout discussion. She said that she was able to speak and enjoyed the session though she did not have confidence in her English.

#Session 34 “Davos Experience in Tokyo” series
February 12, 2016
“Future of Jobs in the midst of the Industrial Revolution”

Time flies, as we realize that we are almost halfway in the first month of the year 2016! As in the past, Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum will be held in Davos, Switzerland, from January 20. At our session #34 of “Davos Experience in Tokyo” series, we will have Mr. Soichiro Minami, CEO of BizReach, Inc., which operates online services such as career networking service “BizReach” and job search engine “Stanby” with us. Soichiro was selected as Young Global Leader in 2014 and will attend the Annual Meeting in Davos for the first time.

He will share with us his impression of “Davos” meeting and in particular, how the topic for this year “Fourth Industrial Revolution” and “Future of Jobs” is discussed and debated.

It has been a while since we hear that 21st century will provide individuals with more freedom and flexibility by offering many technological options.

We hear that in Japan, Internet of Things (IoT) has been applied considerably in manufacturing. On the other hand, there has been little application of emerging technology to improve productivity of “white collars” or “knowledge workers”. Conventional (somewhat outdated) recruiting and promotion systems of the Japanese HR practices persist. We need to revisit traditional relationships between the individuals and organizations, in our efforts to explore potential of crowd sourcing and of project-type assignment. Labor market needs to be more flexible. For these “softer” issues of business, Japan seems to be detached from the current trend and thinking found in the rest of the world.

At our #33 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series, we learned and applied the use of cloud technology to our individual and group work for collaboration. We want to broaden our view and perspectives to the world at our next session, so that we can explore the business environment around new such skills as cloud technology application and how the rest of the world deals with them. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is expected to bring about many changes and offer opportunities for transformation not only for the organizations, but also for the individuals. But what specifically are they? How do we prepare ourselves and position ourselves as the Revolution continues to surge?

Come, join us to broaden your perspectives for the jobs and employment, hear Soichiro who has taken initiatives to transform the labor market in Japan, and think about what opportunities are available for you to tap. It is worth spending Friday evening, in between the national holiday and long weekend! For details and registration, go to our site.


新年2016年の1月も半ばを過ぎようとしていますが、例年スイスのダボスで開かれる世界経済フォーラムの年次総会が今年も1月20日から開催されます。第34回の「ダボスの経験を東京で」では、今年初めて、YGL(Young Global Leader)としてこの総会に参加される会員制転職サイト「ビズリーチ」や 求人検索エンジン「スタンバイ」を展開する株式会社ビズリーチの南壮一郎さんをお招きしてダボス会議の印象、特に今年のテーマである「第4次産業革命への対応」について「新しい形の“雇用や仕事”に関してどのような議論がされたのか」をお話いただきます。





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