#Series 33
“Developing and practicing new skills in new year! How about trying cloud technology?”

VIDEO: Opening (Part 1)

In the opening talk part of the video, I started the session #33 by introducing our guest speaker, Takeaki Kanaya, digital evangelist. (In fact, we spent some time (though not shown in video) welcoming the participants and welcoming New Year 2016, and following up our activities since our session in December. I asked participants whether they made a New Year Resolution at the beginning of year and asked them to share their New Year resolution with the neighbors for a few minutes.)

In the video, Takeaki Kanaya explained what is Cloud and what to note using Cloud Services.
He introduce

  1. What is Cloud (Access to data from anywhere, anytime and any device)
  2. Why use cloud services?–to make collaboration with team very easy.
  3.  Things to be aware/note (mainly from security issues.)
    -password (some tips for password, by showing up worst password and how to remember password), and 2-step verification
    -share setting
  4. Mainly by managing who can see it

Actual trial using cloud services
Group of 6 or so to develop a plan for Davos experience in Tokyo sessions and/or reunion by using cloud services.

In the last 2 minutes or so of the Opening talk, I reminded participants about their sharing of New Year Resolution. I asked how we can work together and support each other to make sure that we stick to New Year Resolution and accomplish the goal.
During the breakup sessions, each group went around explaining their own New Year resolution and develop a plan for Davos .. in Tokyo Session and/or Reunion to enable us to accomplish our goal.

VIDEO: Presentation and Closing (Part 2)

After about 45 min. of group work using cloud services (with some specific questions asked and responded by Takeaki and Yusuke), several groups reported back their idea for reunion and/or sessions.
Ideas include

  • new business plan of a member
  • extension of Davos Experience in Tokyo series to cover specific topics such as Education, Self-learning, Environment, etc. probably through forming small targeted groups (sort of TEDx… extensions)
  • Offer Davos Experience in Tokyo series during the day so that mothers can join (different target audience)
  • Davos Rangers with many ideas : sharing of information/review of the discussion, drinking & food before the discussion (and not after), streaming using Youtube etc. offering more opportunities using technology such as participation from remote areas, uploading photos, introducing voting system for group work etc. and developing My? avatar to respond to questions/comments
  • Reunion party after 6 months in attractive places such as NYC to review our progress of our own New Year Resolution
  • Collection of each individual New Year resolutions to identify some common theme and to review progress together

Judging from the comment/report from groups, we are in the process of accomplishing two things from this session.

  1. Familiarize ourselves with how we can use cloud services (after some trial and error, particularly for the people who have never tried)
  2. Develop specific ideas for how to go to next steps of Davos Experience in Tokyo series

At the end, our guest, Takeaki made a comment 1) need for some more explanation to enable first timers to try cloud services by working together in team
2) interesting ideas which emerged from the group work

At the end, I thanked the participants for their ideas and briefly explained the potential for many different ways to plan next step of Davos Experience in Tokyo series.
I ended the session by introducing our next session on February 12 when we will have Soichico Minami of BizReach and discuss World Economic Forum Annual meeting among other things.

#Session 33 “Davos Experience in Tokyo” series
January 15, 2016
“Developing and practicing new skills in new year! How about trying cloud technology?”

The year 2016 will be with us shortly. Have you thought about your New Year Resolution for the year 2016? How about developing your own skills to use new technologies available today?
Technology has been transforming our politics, economy and society in the unprecedented way. It is our understanding that we cannot emphasize the role and significance of technology in today’s world enough. Whether you are in private sector, public sector or student or none of the above, there are so many things individuals can do with the help of technology.

We often hear about the threat from technology such as “robots and AI taking our jobs” and rather negative implications of technology. But technologies can serve as tremendous enablers for individuals and can democratize the access and capabilities to each one of us.

So at our first session of the “Davos Experience in Tokyo series” in 2016, we would like YOU to feel the tremendous potential of technology and in particular for us, individuals. It will be held on Friday, January 15 at Google, Roppongi Hills.

As we welcome New Year, we can start something new. We will have Mr. Takeaki Kanaya, known as search evangelist to introduce us to the exciting world of cloud technology—specifically, how individual can make the best use of cloud technology. Not only learning about cloud, we will practice to see how it works during the session. We will ask for your ideas for the new phase of Davos Experience in Tokyo series, which we think will fit the first session of the series in the New Year.

Come, join us on Friday, January 15 at Google and kick start new skills of using cloud technology. For details and registration, go to our site.

*Note: We will use Google products during the session. If you do not have Google account, please create one for you. Bring your laptop with you. (You can use tablet or smartphone, but may be a bit difficult with the small screen etc. We will also share our mail address among the members of the group, so please agree to that condition.)







*当日はGoogleの製品を使用してセッションを行いますので、あらかじめGoogle アカウントを作成し、ノートパソコンをお持ちください。(タブレットやスマートフォンでもできないことはないかと思いますが、かなり難しくなりそうです。) またグループワークのメンバー間でのメールアドレスの共有を想定しておりますので、予めご了承ください。


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