#Series 26
“New work style–how about exploring ANOTHER YOU by making best use of our knowledge, skills and expertise?”

VIDEO: TALK (Part 1)

In the first 2 minutes or so, I welcomed the participants to the session and found out that more than half who were present came to Davos.. in Tokyo series for the first time.

In the next 10 minutes or so, I shared my own activities after the session #25 in April when we discussed “innovation in agriculture” with our guest Yuriko Katoh.

I introduced three international conferences I participated in the past several weeks. 1) World Economic Forum on East Asia in Jakarta which I introduced in our April session briefly. I explained the topic of the East Asia Forum and in particular, the panel session “Financial inclusion and social protection” which I facilitated. I explained the great potential of the ASEAN as well as the challenges they have to make the expected growth a reality.

2) Women Corporate Directors Global Institute in New York City where I served as one of the panelists. I explained the organization and the topics we discussed there such as cyber security, emerging markets, new business models etc.

3) Round table discussion on Mobility of High skills in ASEAN, in Bali, Indonesia.
By introducing these three conferences and sharing my experiences and findings, I tried to give participants the type of global agenda discussed at different international conferences.

I also explained fun activities I did during the Golden Week holidays such as watching three movies on the plane, concerts and the show.

From about 14 minutes or so into the video, I welcomed two guests we invited to the session #26 “Exploring another YOU.” Ben Matsuzaki of Herman Miller and Akiyuki Minami of Coconala, each taking 15-20 minutes each.

First Ben defined the concept of “pro bono” by contrasting it with that of “volunteer” and shared his experiences of doing “pro bono” work based upon his experience and expertise. He introduced the collaboration by experts at Ishinomaki Kobo in Tohoku.

Akiyuki Minami explained his background including starting 2NPOs as well as working for the bank (rather traditional career.) Then he explained the objective and operation of Coconala, he founded as market exchange type of platform for testing/exchanging experience and skills of people at 500 yen each. He shared with us some examples of people successful in using Coconala to test marketability of their experiences and some even start new career, etc.

Then I explained how breakout sessions will be conducted.


After the breakout session for 40 minutes or so in small groups of 5 or 6 each, we had general discussion. In each small group, individuals were asked to think of their skills/experience they wanted to test to see marketability and value. Then in the group of 5 or 6, they discussed skill/experience of each member.

At the general discussion session, I asked participants about the experience of small group activities. Specifically, whether it was difficult to develop unique skills/experiences which would be marketable. Their responses were “it was one thing to list skills each member has, but it was another to explore whether they were unique and marketable.” Some people mentioned that they had difficulty identifying “unique” skills. (We had interesting discussion there.)

Akiyuki Minami gave us some tips by saying that “experience” rather than “skills” are better items for Coconala. Some other suggestions were made such as “ability to listen to others” could be a good item to market, and unique experience could be identified when we expand our activities to explore different communities from our familiar ones. i.e. “get out of your comfort zone.”

We had no “report back” from the groups at this session, but it seemed that each participants got food for thought, by reflecting on their own “unique” and ”marketable” skills and experiences.


Before the session began, I interviewed two guest for the session, Ben Matsuzaki of Herman Miller Japan and Akiyuki Minami of Coconala, first in Japanese and next in English. They shared their background, message they want to convey and expectations from the session.


Right after the session #26, I interviewed two people-one Japanese lady and the other German student. First 3 minutes or so, I asked Mayumi Iida about her take away from the session in Japanese and next in English. She seemed to get some out of the session.

Next I asked Pascal from Germany about his impression of the session and exercise. As he came to Japan a few months ago, I asked his impression of Japan as contrasted with other places he spent some time.

I am delighted that both seemed to have enjoyed the session.

#Session 26 “Davos experience in Tokyo” Series
May 22, 2015
“New work style–how about exploring ANOTHER YOU by making best use of our knowledge, skills and expertise?”

Has anyone of you wondered whether your hidden skill could contribute to the society? Yes you can!

At session #26 of “Davos Experience in Tokyo series”, we will explore new work styles going beyond your current job with the help of two guests. One is Ben Matsuzaki, president of Herman Miller Japan, who has done “pro bono” work in Tohoku, based upon his expertise and experience. The other is Akiyuki Minami who heads free market “COCONALA” where people can exchange skills, experience and knowledge. They will share their experiences of practicing new work styles.

Recently we see discussions and debates on new work styles. They include “early morning overtime rather than late night overtime work” “flexible time” and “work from home.” Many people now realize that dedicating all your energy and time to the place of work all day will not lead to innovation, critical for the recovery of Japan. Japan’s very low white collar productivity, as compared with the rest of the world, will NOT be improved with the current work style of long work hours.

We also see, among young people, in particular, the increasing need to do the meaningful work, to make contribution to the society, and to make the world better place. Many question, “Why do we work? For what purpose?” as they do not see “career” or “job” simply as a means to make a living. The need for new creative and flexible work style has slowly been emerging as well. And yet, many may wonder specifically what you can do for the society.

For those who are asking these questions, two guests will share their experiences. Specifically, Ben will discuss how your work experience and expertise could be utilized to contribute to the society. Akiyuki will introduce some examples of people who have posted their hidden skills through COCONALA and identified the marketability of their expertise.
Many of you may want to do something, in addition to your regular job, but not quite sure what you can do. Why not join us on May 22 for some tips?

「ダボスの経験を東京で」第26回 5月22日
「もう一つの顔を持ちませんか? あなたの特技や専門性を活かした新しい働き方」







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