Word explaining the year 2014. Outlook for the year 2015

Session #21 Davos Experience in Tokyo Series

“Upbeat economy in the US & uncertainty around the government” “EU at the brink of depression & question about national governance” ”IS equipped with heavy weaponry and horrific tactics supported by manipulative use of social media” “Unprecedented spread of Ebola from West Africa” “Continuing territorial dispute in Asia”.  These are some of the news/events of the year 2014 throughout the world. It is clear that we have never seen the combination of simultaneous crises in all political, economic and social space at so many different places throughout the world in our recent history.

When we turn our eyes to Japan, we find “disappointing Abenomics which brought some change but has not produced tangible results”, “snap election in December”, and “mentality of people turning from positive and hope to passive/negative & concerns.”  The perception of Japan in the world which showed some hope at the beginning of Abenomics has declined in the face of so many serious events in the other parts of the world.

We have just about four weeks left for the year 2014. What will new year 2015 bring?  More importantly, how should we stay proactive with our mindset and thought process to the accelerating changes & transformations of the world in the year ahead?

At our last session of 2014 Davos Experience in Tokyo series on December 12, we want you to vote for the most important topics you think for the year 2015 among the trends found in the Outlook on the Global Agenda 2015 published by the World Economic Forum in November.  We want you to make comment on the topics of your choice.  We also welcome your version of important trends and topics for new year.  We will organize the competition where you can choose the word in English that represents the year 2014.

We also would like to hear from you, so we would appreciate if all members , as well as all participants, could fill in the questionnaire pre the event.
Please Click here:

【Questionnaire Link】

At #21 of Davos experience in Tokyo on Friday, December 12, we will share with you our plan for Davos Experience in Tokyo in 2015 at Wilson Learning Innovation Center, followed by the networking reception and charity auction at Ark Hills Café.

We will send out the auction list to all participant. To show our appreciation, we have prepared some wonderful gifts for you, so please select your auction beating price.

As for the topics we want you to vote for, please take a look at the following site.


ダボスの経験を東京で  第21回 「2014年を一言で表すと?&2015年を先取りしよう」





2014年最後の「ダボスの経験を東京で」(12月12日)では、世界経済フォーラムが11月に発表したOutlook on the Global Agenda 2015に挙げられているテーマの中から、皆さんが重要と思われるものを選び、新たにこうしたテーマが大事というものをご提案いただきます。また「今年を振り返って2014年を英語の単語で表すと」というコンテストも実施します。






Auction Sample

Video & Discussion

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