Series #20
“How can we promote the concept of female confidence more widely?”

Session #20 Davos Experience in Tokyo Series

“How can we promote the concept of female confidence more widely?”

Have you heard of the company, Triumph International Japan? You may know that Triumph International is a maker of lingerie and other intimate apparel. Some of you may recall their hit product, “Tenshi no bra.”

Do you know the company’s vision? Triumph International is in business of “tailoring female confidence”. They offer opportunities for their customers to look and feel sensual, stylish and above all confident, by their dedication to their craftsmanship and their passion for detail & innovation. Lingerie is the first item customers put on and the perfect fit they feel makes them feel confident.

What Triumph wants their customers to feel is NOT their own perception as compared to the “beauty” or “perfect body” advocated in media and in the society at large.

People (in particular, women) tend to focus on their shortcomings when compared with “gorgeous body” and/or “beauty”, and end up with rather negative perception of themselves. Triumph, on the other hand, wants their customers to feel confident in their own uniqueness. With perfect customized fit Triumph offers, their customers start feeling good about themselves.

“Being unique” and “self-confidence” is very important and critical for the women empowerment campaign now underway throughout the world. Women tend to feel that they are not quite ready for promotion and/or do not deserve promotion when offered higher positions. When they lack self-confidence, it is difficult for them to demonstrate their capability and leadership to full extent. (This vicious cycle of doubt about own capability, little confidence and poor performance is NOT limited to women.)

Triumph’s vision of fostering self-confidence and self-esteem forms the foundation of the Women Empowerment campaign. However, the vision of Triumph is far from being recognized by their main customers, and not to mention the general public. So at session #20 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series, we want you to develop many creative and innovative ideas to raise awareness and support the importance of self –confidence.

Women empowerment campaign is everywhere. Malala continues to fight against Taliban in her goal of promoting education for girls. Her passion and determination has touched many people and she is to be awarded Nobel Peace Prize. World Assembly for Women (WAW), a big conference to empower women was held in Tokyo under the leadership of Prime Minister Abe in September with many prominent speakers throughout the world. Companies are rushing to promote more women to leadership positions. We see a momentum for change after so many talks without action& impact.


ダボスの経験を東京で 第20回 「ひとり一人の自信を高める」





つまりトリンプのこのビジョンは、「女性が輝く社会」を創る基本なのです。しかし、トリンプのこのビジョンは、一般によく知られているとはいえません。そこで、このような考え方をより多くの人に知ってもらうように、今回の「ダボスの経験を東京で」ではみなさんに「ひとり一人が自信を高める」ために何をしたらよいか、具体的な案を考えていただきます。世界でも日本でも、「女性がもっと輝く社会を」という運動が盛んに行われています。Malalaさんは、タリバンに命を狙われる中でも「女の子に教育を」というビジョンを追い続けていることが多くの人の心に強く訴えて、ノーベル平和賞を受賞しました。日本でも、先日、安倍総理のリーダーシップの下、世界の女性リーダーを集めて、 World Assembly for Women(WAW)という大きな会議が東京で開かれました。企業も女性役員や女性管理職の数を増やそうという動きがあり、これまでなかなか実現されなかった女性のリーダーへの登用には弾みがついています。

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