Series #12
Branding of Japan as a safe country

 Abenomics and the 2020 Olympics have put Japan back in the spotlight. After Japan had been perceived as a “sleeping country where nothing happens” for so long, this increased international attention is an opportunity which should not be missed. Recently Japan has been promoted for its hospitality, described by the uniquely Japanese concept of OMOTENASHI , for its energy and environment technologies, and for its hip culture as “Cool Japan”. However these initiatives have had somewhat limited impact so far.

Security concerns over the safety of the winter Olympics in Sochi in light of the recent terrorist attacks in Russia however, hint at another, often overlooked aspect of Japan – its safety. Japan is often called the “safest country in the world, where people can walk alone at night and feel safe”, yet we tend to take safety for granted, like “air,” and fail to capitalize on it. Nevertheless, safety is well worth our efforts, particularly in the context of the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

So, the topic for our 12th session is “How to develop and implement brand strategy for Japan as a safe country?”

The context is set as follows: “Assume that you are assigned by Prime Minister Abe to serve as brand manager of Japan and that he wants to focus on safety.” Your task is to develop a marketing campaign to meet this goal and specifically to produce a 2-3 minute presentation commercial.

Instead of the regular break out discussion style, we will prepare some cool gadgets to stimulate your creativity and innovative thinking. Your task will be to prepare and produce a few minute sales pitch/PR to promote Japan as a safe country, using the concept of the gadgets given to your group.

If you are curious, want to experiment with new ideas and play like a child, come and have fun with us. We would be excited to meet you on February 7, from 19 p.m. at the Wilson Learning Innovation Center.

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