Series #09
"How do we mainstream women? How can we have both good career and good family life?"

The Abe administration has made “inclusive growth”, focusing on youth and women, the key ingredient of his growth strategy. It has set the goal of attaining 30% of the leadership positions by women by 2020. The business community, media and professional service organizations have also taken various initiatives to elevate the status of women in Japan by sponsoring business plan competitions and skill-up seminars.

The topic is not reserved just for women, because Japan is one of the countries with longest overtime work, and many, regardless of gender, age etc. have had difficulty balancing work and private life. As long as we are forced to make tradeoffs between work and family (professional career or personal life), the challenge remains. This makes it difficult for Japan to regain its competitiveness and to restore its position of growth generator in the world. Without good balance between career and private life, we will NOT have good, meaningful and pleasant life.

The world is changing constantly and many new options are emerging for work-style and life. Let us take this opportunity to think about how we can broaden our area of activities, beyond our workplace and our country and meet active people from different backgrounds.It is about time all of us start playing by global rather than local rules, as the boundaries are opening up.

The question for this session is “Can we have both good career (professional career) and good family life (private lifestyle)?” We will invite you to respond to this question with your reasons through our online website in advance.

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