Series #08
“Rethinking Education-What’s New?”- What skills, why and How to develop?

Best agents of change to make the world better place are people with creative & innovative ideas. Education to develop creative people has been debated throughout the world. Despite the significance of topic and series of heated discussions, not much innovation had taken place in this area. Recently, however, many new initiatives such as online education and MOOC have emerged in the area of education & learning.

In Dalian at Summer Davos, ideaslab brainstorming session entitled “Rethinking Education” is held by MIT group. So the question for this session is “Will use of technology improve education/learning? We will invite you to respond to this question with your reasons through our online website in advance.

At the session No. 8 of Davos Experience in Tokyo, we will introduce what we discuss at Dalian, debate on this issue and think about how all of us can continue learning.

Video & Discussion

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