Series #06
“How do you assess the attractiveness of the region for investment?”

Davos Experience in Tokyo #6

“How do you assess the attractiveness of the region for investment?”(投資の対象として地域をどう評価するか?)

As many changes have been taking place in political and economic spaces in the world, two regions, namely Africa and ASEAN-have attracted much attention for their growth potential. While China and India that had driven world economic growth in the past several years have shown some signs of struggles, two regions have emerged as attractive regions for investment.

The fifth TICAD was held in early June in Yokohama with many leaders of Africa participating. ASEAN including Myanmar where Prime Minister Abe visited lately have been known for their endowment of natural resources and rapidly growing market fueled by young population.

Prioritization is always an issue to select regions for investment of our limited resources.

If you represent any entity in Japan (government, private sector or NPO, you can pick as you like), which region would you choose for investment and why?

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