Series #02 :
2. future schools need NO lectures

協生館2F 藤原洋記念ホール

1. ITイノベーションは雇用を減少させる(日本語)

2. future schools need NO lectures (English)

オープン化した世界では、誰にでも活躍する機会が開かれています。そんな希望を持つ若い世代向けのひとつの試みが、グローバル・ディベートです。リアルとバーチャル、世代、距離などを超えるSPACE(石倉洋子KMDプロジェクト)の一環として、世界の課題に関する2つのテーマ 〜 日本語では「ITイノベーションは雇用を減らす」、英語では「Future schools need No lectures.」というテーマに賛成か反対か、日本語と英語で繰り広げられるエキサイティングな場に自ら参加し、実践から力を磨く。


1. IT Innovation reduces Job (Japanese)

2. Future schools need NO lectures (English)

Today, anybody can capture opportunities to make things happen in the highly-connected world. One of the initiatives for the youth (in spirit, included) to experience abundant opportunities is “Global Debate.” You are invited to discuss/debate global agenda in the SPACE (KMD Yoko Ishikura Project) connecting the divided world—real & virtual, intergenerational, distance, etc. YOU participate in the lively debate- one in English under the theme of “Future schools need No lectures.” And the other, in Japanese “IT innovation reduces job/employment.” You express your position-whether you agree or disagree with the above statement-and experience what it is like to connect the divided world.

Join us in Global Debate to create the better world by proposing a variety of views and ideas. The event will be live streamed and comments and votes are welcome! Be sure to join us !

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