Session #49 Jun 23th
“Human rights – how do you feel when you lose them?”

VIDEO: Interview with Ms.Riyo Yoshioka

VIDEO: Interview with Mr.Jamar

What comes to your mind when hear the term “refugee”? Refugee issue has been a hot topic
throughout the world, as President Trump issued Executive Order in the US and as the major
elections are taking place in Europe around this issue. Where does Japan stand in the international community on this issue? It has been under criticism as the number of refugee acceptance in Japan has been dismal, around 30 or so a year, out of over 10,000 applications.

At session #49 of Davos Experience in Tokyo, we will have Riyo Yoshioka, of Human Rights Watch
Japan office and Sayaka Watanabe, founder of NPO WELGEE (Welcome Refugee). We will hear
the status of refugees in Japan and think about what we can do about the issue of refugees, and more broadly human rights violation beyond refugee.

2017年6月23日開催 第49回
Human rightsとは? ある日突然失ったらどう感じますか?


第49回「ダボスの経験を東京で」には、世界各地の人権侵害と弾圧を止め、世界中すべての人々の人権を守ることを目的とするHuman Rights Watch日本事務所で活動する吉岡利代さん、そして、難民申請を認められることが少ない日本の現状を打破しようと大学院生でありながら支援団体WELGEE(Welcome Refugee)を立ち上げた渡部清花さん。このお二人と難民の方々をゲストに迎え、生きる場所を求めて日本に来る難民はどんな状況にあるのか、私たちにできることは何か、と考えてみましょう。


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