We will change our customer relationship of Davos Experience in Tokyo series.

Davos Experience in Tokyo Series 3.0
We will change our customer relationship of Davos Experience in Tokyo series.

Starting in 2017, we will change our customer relationship of Davos Experience in Tokyo series.

Since the series began in 2013, we have been successful increasing our customer base, through promoting the series at different occasions and for different groups of people.

Many of you have contributed greatly by coming to the session and actively get engaged, responding to our survey request, bringing friends etc.
We have received corporate support and have held sessions at their venue with the topic of their interest.

I have hosted seven Yoko’s bar event (at Traders’ Bar at the Tokyo American Club) for the people who have participated more than five times at the series to thank them for their support and to get to know them better in the casual set up.

As of the end of 2016, our data base shows we have had more than 1,000 people attend the series so far. Some are die-hard members and others just attended once.

Now that we are entering the fifth year since we began and the world is undergoing tremendous transformation, as is clear from new US president and hard Brexit, as well as the change in the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum, we want to propose several changes for our series.

  1. We will track registration, attendance from our end, rather than asking you to get stamps to qualify for Yoko’s bar.
  2. We will set up the date for Yoko’s bar (every few months) and those who are qualified and can come that day will join us. (due to the scheduling difficulties I have had in the past)
  3. We would like to expand our customer base and will plan another incentive (point system) for those who bring new participants. If you bring non-Japanese participant, you get double the point. (We will keep track at the time of registration to identify who brings whom.)
  4. We may (still in planning stage) start advanced series (every few months, and not monthly) with those who are repeat customers and want to design the sessions which meet their needs.
  5. We will conduct the survey at the end of the session as a part of the session.
  6. We may stop video of the whole session and have series of short mini video clips.

If you have any other ideas, please feel free to contact us.

Mail: Crossborder_Leadership@wlw.co.jp



2013年から始まったこのシリーズは、いろいろな場や多様なグループとの協働によって、多くの方々に参加していただくようになりました。金曜日の夜に集まっていただき、積極的に議論や活動に参加してくださり、アンケートに答えたり、友人を連れてきていただいたりした方々は数多いですし、ある企業の関心が高い課題をそのオフィスで実施する企業との共催もかなり増えてきました。企業からのリピート開催のリクエストもいただいています。5回以上参加してくださった方々を対象に、東京アメリカンクラブのTraders’ barで計7回開いたYoko’s Barに参加してくださった方々にも感謝しています。



  1. 参加回数はウィルソンで登録時に記録するので、スタンプを集めるという方式はやめます
  2. 参加回数の多い方を対象にしたYoko’s barを数ヶ月に一度設定し、資格があってその日に来られる方に出席していただく方式にします(そうでないと日程がほとんど決まらないので)
  3. 顧客ベースを広げるために、初めての参加者を連れてきてくださった方にポイントを差し上げる(日本人以外なら2倍)方式にして、その方々にYoko’s bar以外のインセンティブを企画します。(登録時に紹介した人を書くコラムを作り、こちらで記録します)
  4. (毎月ではないですが)、数ヶ月に一度程度、参加回数が多く、新しいニーズに合わせたセッションを企画したい方々を中心メンバーとした新しいシリーズを開始することも考えています。
  5. アンケートは翌日メールでという形式ではなく、セッション終了後その場で実施しますので、皆様その場で回答頂ければと存じます。
  6. 今の形で撮るビデオはやめて、短いビデオクリップを多数つくることも検討中です。

そのほかにもこういった方がいいのではないかという改善のアイディアは大歓迎ですのでご意見お寄せください。今後ともよろしくお願いします。 Mail: Crossborder_Leadership@wlw.co.jp

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