Series #18
Practicing New Skills for the era of Talent Crowd Sourcing

We will hold the session #18 of Davos experience in Tokyo series on Friday, September 19 at our regular venue of Wilson Learning Innovation Center. This will mark the beginning of the new series “Practicing New skills”. Human capital, though it is perceived to be the critical component for competitiveness today, is facing the need […]

Series #16
How can we resolve the problem of aging population through technology?

Session #16“Davos experience in Tokyo” (DET) series Topic “How can we resolve the problem of aging population through technology?” Japan is the fastest aging country in the world. At over 30 million, people above the age of 65 account for some 25% of the total population in Japan. In 2013, the number of people over […]

Series #15
What is a Social Intrapreneur? The case of ANA Blue Wing.

Many of us are aware of the pressing points on the global agenda such as poverty, health, education and climate change. Quite a few young people have left their professional jobs at investment banking, consulting and international organizations to start non-profit organizations (NPOs) trying to resolve these issues. I believe there are even more people […]

Series #14
What is the role of currency? The prospects of Bitcoin?

Series #14 : What is the role of currency? The prospects of Bitcoin? “Bitcoin”, or as some call it “digital currency” or “virtual currency”, has been widely discussed lately. As so many things go digital these days, will virtual currency as well become mainstream? There are plenty of articles on bitcoin in a variety of […]

Series #13
Second job as a step towards better work-life balance.

Hardly a day passes by without initiatives to increase women’s participation in the labor market being discussed in the Japanese media. Indeed, one of the focal points of Japan’s new growth strategy – the “third arrow” of Abenomics – is the promotion of women in the workforce, and in particular the improvement of their access […]

Series #12
Branding of Japan as a safe country

 Abenomics and the 2020 Olympics have put Japan back in the spotlight. After Japan had been perceived as a “sleeping country where nothing happens” for so long, this increased international attention is an opportunity which should not be missed. Recently Japan has been promoted for its hospitality, described by the uniquely Japanese concept of OMOTENASHI […]

Series #11
New Year, New Agenda?

In this first year of the “Davos Experience in Tokyo” series we have covered a broad range of topics on global issues. With the New Year at our doorstep, we would like to ask you what you consider to be the critical issues for 2014. Be it the global income gap, climate change, cyber security, […]

Series #10
“How to create Value from Big Data?”

“Big Data” and “Analytics” have been buzz words in the business community for some time now. You could easily find many articles and seminars with titles like “Big Data” “Analytics”“Data scientists” etc. “Information is natural resource with infinite potential” and “Data changes the world” are only some of the quotes by leading business executives. What […]