“What to do with this new thing? What use, for whom and how to market?”

VIDEO: OPENING TALK (Part 1) The first video is about 26 minutes. I welcome the participants and introduce myself. I also introduce “Livestreaming and accepting comments on Twitter with hashtag #DEX”, new features of “Davos..” series which just started, for those to watch the session and make comments and/or ask questions. I explain the objective […]


Creating the society where everybody can move freely with technology & creativity

Video & Summary of Discussion For the background of the session, please take a look at the announcement. このセッションの背景や狙いについては、ビデオとサマリーの下の案内をご覧ください。 Summary of video Part 1 (32 minutes.) First 8 min.-Welcome & introduction of Davos… series 2015 Yoko welcomes and explains that Annual Meeting of World Economic Forum is in session in Switzerland, while showing the live […]


Word explaining the year 2014. Outlook for the year 2015

Session #21 Davos Experience in Tokyo Series “Upbeat economy in the US & uncertainty around the government” “EU at the brink of depression & question about national governance” ”IS equipped with heavy weaponry and horrific tactics supported by manipulative use of social media” “Unprecedented spread of Ebola from West Africa” “Continuing territorial dispute in Asia”.  […]


Series #20
“How can we promote the concept of female confidence more widely?”

Session #20 Davos Experience in Tokyo Series “How can we promote the concept of female confidence more widely?” Have you heard of the company, Triumph International Japan? You may know that Triumph International is a maker of lingerie and other intimate apparel. Some of you may recall their hit product, “Tenshi no bra.” Do you […]


Series #19
“Sharing your lifestyle with the world?”

#19 “Sharing your lifestyle with the world?” October 17 Davos Experience in Tokyo Series As the technology enables us to express our own views to the world and share/collaborate with anybody in the world directly, the importance of our own branding is increasing. As we tried to think about our own “identity” (#17) and developing […]


Series #18
Practicing New Skills for the era of Talent Crowd Sourcing

We will hold the session #18 of Davos experience in Tokyo series on Friday, September 19 at our regular venue of Wilson Learning Innovation Center. This will mark the beginning of the new series “Practicing New skills”. Human capital, though it is perceived to be the critical component for competitiveness today, is facing the need […]

Series #16
How can we resolve the problem of aging population through technology?

Session #16“Davos experience in Tokyo” (DET) series Topic “How can we resolve the problem of aging population through technology?” Japan is the fastest aging country in the world. At over 30 million, people above the age of 65 account for some 25% of the total population in Japan. In 2013, the number of people over […]

Series #15
What is a Social Intrapreneur? The case of ANA Blue Wing.

Many of us are aware of the pressing points on the global agenda such as poverty, health, education and climate change. Quite a few young people have left their professional jobs at investment banking, consulting and international organizations to start non-profit organizations (NPOs) trying to resolve these issues. I believe there are even more people […]