#Series 27
“Bringing Music to the World”

VIDEO: Talk and Performance (Part 1) In the first 4 minutes or so of session #27, I welcomed participants and introduced special guests for the day-Dai Fujikura and two musicians who played Dai’s pieces, Makoto Yoshida on clarinet and Yu Hosoi on cello. “Talk show” with Dai continued for about 20 minutes. Dai explained how […]


“What to do with this new thing? What use, for whom and how to market?”

VIDEO: OPENING TALK (Part 1) The first video is about 26 minutes. I welcome the participants and introduce myself. I also introduce “Livestreaming and accepting comments on Twitter with hashtag #DEX”, new features of “Davos..” series which just started, for those to watch the session and make comments and/or ask questions. I explain the objective […]


Creating the society where everybody can move freely with technology & creativity

Video & Summary of Discussion For the background of the session, please take a look at the announcement. このセッションの背景や狙いについては、ビデオとサマリーの下の案内をご覧ください。 Summary of video Part 1 (32 minutes.) First 8 min.-Welcome & introduction of Davos… series 2015 Yoko welcomes and explains that Annual Meeting of World Economic Forum is in session in Switzerland, while showing the live […]


Word explaining the year 2014. Outlook for the year 2015

Session #21 Davos Experience in Tokyo Series “Upbeat economy in the US & uncertainty around the government” “EU at the brink of depression & question about national governance” ”IS equipped with heavy weaponry and horrific tactics supported by manipulative use of social media” “Unprecedented spread of Ebola from West Africa” “Continuing territorial dispute in Asia”.  […]