#Series 39
“Design your own social safety net”

VIDEO: Opening and Talk (Part 1) At the beginning of the session, I thanked Lifenet Company and welcomed the participants including some Lifenet staff members. I then explained my recent activities including watching Republican National Convention for the US Presidential election and the meeting with the member of the board of the World Economic Forum. […]


#Series 37
“Lessons from Nanmoku village where passion to keep our FURUSATO-home town and vitality to bring life back to almost extinct village is ALIVE.”

VIDEO: Before session (Part 1) I interviewed two guests for the session before. First with Yuka Hirasawa in Japanese, and the second with Shion Nakamura in English. Yuka explains the motivation behind starting the Nanmoku University initiative. (1min 30sec.) The second guest, Shion, explained the activities of Nanmoku university in English. She explains how their […]


#Series 36
“Start up Japanese style?”

VIDEO: Before session (Part 1) Before session (2 min.) Interviewed Casey Wahl, guest speaker, who explained what he would cover during the session-recruiting industry, start up, failure and ideas for movie and what he would expect from the session. VIDEO: After session (Part 2) After session (5 min.) I interviewed two people, one Japanese and […]


#Series 34
“Future of Jobs in the midst of the Industrial Revolution”

VIDEO: Opening (Part 1) I started the session welcoming the participants and introduced the objective of the session, namely, future of jobs in the face of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. I asked the participants to think of the two types of jobs 1) jobs that existed 5-10 years ago but not any more and 2) […]