#Series 27
“Bringing Music to the World”

VIDEO: Talk and Performance (Part 1) In the first 4 minutes or so of session #27, I welcomed participants and introduced special guests for the day-Dai Fujikura and two musicians who played Dai’s pieces, Makoto Yoshida on clarinet and Yu Hosoi on cello. “Talk show” with Dai continued for about 20 minutes. Dai explained how […]


“What to do with this new thing? What use, for whom and how to market?”

VIDEO: OPENING TALK (Part 1) The first video is about 26 minutes. I welcome the participants and introduce myself. I also introduce “Livestreaming and accepting comments on Twitter with hashtag #DEX”, new features of “Davos..” series which just started, for those to watch the session and make comments and/or ask questions. I explain the objective […]