Session #49 Jun 23th
“Human rights – how do you feel when you lose them?”

VIDEO: Interview with Ms.Riyo Yoshioka VIDEO: Interview with Mr.Jamar What comes to your mind when hear the term “refugee”? Refugee issue has been a hot topic throughout the world, as President Trump issued Executive Order in the US and as the major elections are taking place in Europe around this issue. Where does Japan stand in […]

Session #47
“Let us make technology our friend!”

Session #47 April 21, 2017 “Davos Experience in Tokyo” “Let us make technology our friend!” April 21, we hosted session #47 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series This is a skill development program. During the session, we learn the tools such as Google Photo, You Tube and Google slide. Here is a brief talk by […]

#Series 43
“Unique experience only YOU can offer at YOUR place?”

VIDEO: Before session (Part 1) I interviewed Jack, one of the hosts of airbnb both in Japanese and in English. The topic of the session is “Sharing Economy” and I asked Jack, one of the presenters how airbnb is received in Japan and about new services that airbnb has recently launched. VIDEO: Opening Talk- Presentation […]

#Series 41
“WAA-Work from Anywhere and Anytime at Unilever”

VIDEO: Before session (Part 1) Before we started the session at Unilever, I interviewed Ms Yuka Shimada, Member of the board of Unilever Japan and Head HR in Japanese and English about the topic of the session, WAA-Work from Anywhere Anytime, new initiative at Unilever. VIDEO: Opening (Part 2) I started the session by explaining […]