Session #47
“Let us make technology our friend!”

Session #47 April 21, 2017 “Davos Experience in Tokyo” “Let us make technology our friend!” April 21, we hosted session #47 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series This is a skill development program. During the session, we learn the tools such as Google Photo, You Tube and Google slide. Here is a brief talk by […]

#Series 43
“Unique experience only YOU can offer at YOUR place?”

VIDEO: Before session (Part 1) I interviewed Jack, one of the hosts of airbnb both in Japanese and in English. The topic of the session is “Sharing Economy” and I asked Jack, one of the presenters how airbnb is received in Japan and about new services that airbnb has recently launched. VIDEO: Opening Talk- Presentation […]

#Series 41
“WAA-Work from Anywhere and Anytime at Unilever”

VIDEO: Before session (Part 1) Before we started the session at Unilever, I interviewed Ms Yuka Shimada, Member of the board of Unilever Japan and Head HR in Japanese and English about the topic of the session, WAA-Work from Anywhere Anytime, new initiative at Unilever. VIDEO: Opening (Part 2) I started the session by explaining […]


#Series 39
“Design your own social safety net”

VIDEO: Opening and Talk (Part 1) At the beginning of the session, I thanked Lifenet Company and welcomed the participants including some Lifenet staff members. I then explained my recent activities including watching Republican National Convention for the US Presidential election and the meeting with the member of the board of the World Economic Forum. […]