Session#55 Jan 26th
“Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World”

VIDEO: Summary in Japanese VIDEO: Summary in English Annual meeting of the World Economic Forum is held in Davos, Switzerland from January 23, 2018 for four days. The last annual meeting held in January 2017, was sometimes reported to be the representative event of “leaders” who lost touch with the reality of the ordinary people. […]


Session#54 Dec.1st
“☆X’mas Special session☆ New step forward in 2018 to make your vision come true!”

Videos: Presentation1 Videos: Presentation2 Videos: Presentation3 Videos: Presentation4 Videos: Presentation5 Videos: Presentation6 Videos: Presentation7 Session#54 Dec.1st “☆X’mas Special session☆ New step forward in 2018 to make your vision come true!” How was the year 2017 for you? Some attempts have been made to pick one Kanji (Chinese character) to reflect and symbolize the year. Many of […]

Session#52 Oct6th
“Food for the World in 2030? Let us tell the world breakthrough product idea supported by earth shattering idea- DNA of Nissin Foods”

VIDEO: Guidance VIDEO: Group Idea & Interview Nissin Foods Holdings has the history of transforming our diet by breakthrough ideas. Instant chicken noodle, their first product, will celebrate 60th anniversary in 2018 and Cup Noodle which has just celebrated the 45th anniversary, creating a totally new food category. You may also see/hear their unique (and […]


Session #51 Sep 1st
“Does stress make you happy? Let us find out how we can make use of stress to fulfill our dream!”

VIDEO: Guidance VIDEO: Part2 How many people feel stressed out under continuous changes, information storm and time pressure?   According to the “World Happiness Report 2017” recently published by Sustainable Development Solutions Network at United Nations, Japan is ranked at 51 in the world, lowest among G7 countries. Generally, Japanese tend to feel stressed much more […]


Session #49 Jun 23th
“Human rights – how do you feel when you lose them?”

VIDEO: Interview with Ms.Riyo Yoshioka VIDEO: Interview with Mr.Jamar What comes to your mind when hear the term “refugee”? Refugee issue has been a hot topic throughout the world, as President Trump issued Executive Order in the US and as the major elections are taking place in Europe around this issue. Where does Japan stand in […]

Session #47
“Let us make technology our friend!”

Session #47 April 21, 2017 “Davos Experience in Tokyo” “Let us make technology our friend!” April 21, we hosted session #47 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series This is a skill development program. During the session, we learn the tools such as Google Photo, You Tube and Google slide. Here is a brief talk by […]